Bulletin No. 115- From December 9 to 16, 2019


What did CPI’s Prosecution Office say in a recent inform about Venezuela?- Acceso a la Justicia. Maduro’s public policies leave HIV+ persons behind- Un Mundo Sin Mordaza. Luis Carlos Diaz under unfair investigation for one year more- Espacio Público. I National Encounter of AGAV compromised to fight corruption- Transparencia Venezuela. Provea: Farewell, Pedro Nikken- Provea. Systematic violation of the Right to Health: could it be deemed as a lese humanity offence?- Bloque Constitucional. We impulse a campaign pro Venezuela’s political prisoners be released from unfair imprisonment before 2019 ends- Foro Penal. For the second consecutive year, Encounter Orange analyzed multiple violations of Women’s Human Rights in Venezuela- CEPAZ. CIDH grants caution measures for a child, whose mother was a victim of traffic of persons in Trinidad/Tobago- Defiende Venezuela.